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Aerospace, Construction, CyberRisk, Engineering Services & Manufacturing.

We specialize

Engineering, Finance, Legal, Marketing & Technology.

We acquire

OUR CURRENT ACQUISITION – a company who specialized in manufacturing (Maintenance Technicians, Mechanics, CNC Operators, Truck Drivers, etc.) and a consultancy resource for the cannabis industries.

We work

contingency, retained and a combination thereof.

Partner with us

and engineer your future.


Over the last seven years, we have built an infrastructure of 125 niche recruiters, a database of 45k candidates with direct access to our network of 5.1M.

Our professional network is built on a strong foundation of industry change leaders, strategically targeted candidates and technical and professional staffing partners.


Our client experience is important to us and is best described by the Latin phrase acta non verba ~ deeds not words.

The best way to judge our company is by our process, by our clients, by our staffing partners and most of all by our candidates.


Leadership has followers on many paths. The decisions we make and the paths we follow are paved by where we value our leaders. We network with powerful leaders who keep us on the path of success.

The National Small Business Network (NSBA) is a great resource for us. They are apolitical and located in Washington D.C. Their first hand knowledge before, during and after bills become law has guided our focus on numerous occasions and is key to our success. We are on the Small Business Technology Council, a Tax Issue Committee Member and the Health/Human Resources Committee.

We also find being a member of Society for Human Resources (SHRM) is essential in establishing us as a resource in today's marketplace as well.


2021 will have geographic and industry specific strong hiring pockets. The national hiring landscape will be offset by companies flattening their corporate structures. This trend will undoubtedly result in an increase of startups and be a catalyst for a resilient entrepreneurial market.

The industries that will have an influx of hires are in alphabetical order:

Aerospace Industry we are ramping up our niche recruiters in the UAV, Satellite, Aviation and the Original Equipment Manufacturers' (OEMs) that service these industries. We are also recruiting for Undersea DoD Prime Contractors. Learn more

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