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2021 Hiring Trends Projections

Q3 / 2021 PROJECTions

2021 will have geographic and industry specific strong hiring pockets. The national hiring landscape will be offset by companies flattening their corporate structures. This trend will undoubtedly result in an increase of startups and be a catalyst for a resilient entrepreneurial market.

The industries that will have an influx of hires are in alphabetical order:

Aerospace Industry we are ramping up our niche recruiters in the UAV, Satellite, Aviation and the Original Equipment Manufacturers' (OEMs) that service these industries. We are also recruiting for Undersea DoD Prime Contractors.

Cyber Threat Hunting will be robust this year and we are ready to recruit for Public companies & StartUps.

Engineering Services we are further enhancing our infrastructure direct hire and contract teams. We have projected end of second quarter will see projects awarded and massive hiring to begin and carry through for the next 36/48 months in this sector.

Manufacturing is dependent on the further enactment and implications thereof of the Defense Production Act. We are projected a steady growth in the OEM market and further redundancy of manufacturers supply chain. We are concentrating on OEMs and are cautiously optimistic.

Tax Credit & Incentives and Cost Segregation Industries. We are increasing our partnerships, and our niche recruiters in this industry. We project several industries will be robust this year whereas a few of the sectors we participate in we are cautiously optimistic.