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We have built a professional proprietary recruiting platform that is further enriched with strategic alliances with our network of US based technical niche recruiters. As our candidate you will have access to our and their advertised and unadvertised opportunities, as well our company’s resources.

In the meantime, when you do not have a job or your company is struggling – it’s all hands on deck. We get it – look at our many resources on our company’s LinkedIn page. Keep in mind –  we’re not fair weather friends. Reach out and we can try our best to help you be your best. Our company is registered with Sam and we are a woman owned business.


We are committed to providing our clients with highly qualified, culturally diverse candidates.

All highly qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to citizenship status, national origin; and any other characteristic protected by law.

We respect and celebrate the diversity of our candidates, our vendors, our staffing partners, our clients their backgrounds and their experiences and provide equal opportunity for all.