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Candidates – CyberSecurity and Threat Intelligence


Cyber Security of your company’s data coupled with the growing awareness of the rising number data breaches has made Threat hunting the fastest growing category in the cyber security market.


  • Red Teams are internal or external entities dedicated to testing the effectiveness of a security program similar, but not identical to, penetration testing, and involves the pursuit of one or more objectives—usually executed as a campaign. 
  • Blue Teams are your internal security team that defends against both real attackers and Red Teams. 
  • Purple Teams exist to ensure and maximize the effectiveness of the Red and Blue teams, by integrating the defensive tactics and controls from the Blue Team with the threats and vulnerabilities found by the Red Team into a single narrative that maximizes both. source. Daniel Miesser 2019 Based on work by April Wright

We can and have recruited candidates for our clients and our staffing partners’ clients in Engineering to Executive Director level roles in Government, Commercial and in Start-Ups.



A sampling of roles include but are not limited to: CISO, Chief Marketing Officer, Director Cyber Product Marketing & Strategy, Director, IT Security, Privacy, and Risk,  Vice President – Partnerships and Alliances, and also Cloud Engineer, Cyber Security Architect, Penetration Tester, Product Specialist, Project Manager/Program Manager, Security Sales Leader, Senior Sales Engineer and Senior Security Risk Manager.


In addition to our company’s resources we have built a strategic alliance with technical niche recruiters in threat intelligence. As our candidate, you will have access to their opportunities.


Another strategy that has proved successful, is together we can compile a list of your past employers, hiring managers (contract or direct) and linkedin contacts. I’ll reach out to them and skillmarket you and your foundation of work.


What better way for us to introduce our company and what a better way for you to circle back to your network than to have us do it for you. Together we can get your career back on track.


In the meantime, when you do not have a job or your company is struggling – it’s all hands on deck. Look at our resource page to keep the lights on – we get it!


Our company is registered with Sam and we are a woman owned business.

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