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Employers – Aerospace


The Aerospace industry’s product lines, their millions of OEM parts; their many existing and evolving systems, they all need to be operated, maintained, upgraded and reimagined, supervised, funded, marketed and sold.

We can and have recruited candidates for our clients and our staffing partners’ clients from the shop floor to boardroom door, from turbojets to remote controlled UAV to signal processors for the DoD, classified / unclassified projects and roles and from New Mexico to California to Washington to Arizona to Florida to Alabama. 


Our company is registered with Sam, and we are a woman owned business.

Aerospace sector is one of the largest $909B industry sales revenue and 2.19M workers in the United States (representing 1.4% of America's workforce), and supplies numerous markets from military aircraft and missiles, space, commercial airlines and general aviation.

Source. Aerospace Industries Association