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Employers – Manufacturing


Our most successful vertical throughout the last seven years has been and is projected to be the manufacturing sector. In making a determination of which manufacturing sector we should concentrate our recruiting efforts on we use several approaches – connecting with our professional network of industry leaders, researching government contracts and the stock market. 


We like to define our manufacturing recruitment – from ShopFloor to BoardRoom Door. 



A point worth remembering we are registered with Sam, and we are a woman owned business.



Two additional sources that we count on for industry guidance in additional to our professional network are Deloitte Consulting and NIST MEP.


We value, follow and subscribe to Deloitte Consulting newsletters and read their many editorials and advisements. We regard the firm highly and as one that has the pulse of an industry. Be it through its advisors’ lense or their clients’ filings, although they are not a client of ours. The outlook for 2021 as described by Deloitte Consulting is complicated. We could not agree more.


Another valued resource for our practice is and has been NIST MEP. Our first introduction to the MEP program was through John Kennedy Chief Executive Officer of NJMEP almost a decade ago. 



A high return on investment for taxpayers




Another friend of our practice is Rob Ivester, the Acting MEP Director“NIST MEP’s mission is to enhance the productivity and technological performance of U.S. manufacturing.”


We have found their mission and their vision to have a clear and an achievable path of success.